Wednesday, June 07, 2006

sucky blog

My blog well has run dry. I can’t think of anything profound or witty to say. I guess I could talk about the show, but that seems so boring.

Opening night is next week. I still have a lot of memorizing to do. The cast has yet to be all together at one time. one of the main actors has shown up a total of… once…since i joined the cast. not excused, mind you. She just chooses not to show up. The one time she did she was wearing a bathing suit, and had a bit of a 'tude going on. I guess some people actually have a social life and hers was apparently being cramped. there has not been a full run though. For a professional play, this would spell disaster, but I think we’ll be okay. Everyone in the cast (sans me) has done this play before, so they pretty much know it down pat.

* * * Show Trivia * * *

Here’s my favorite line in the play: “Reesa Mae, why are you makin’ such a racket? You’re gonna wake the dead.”

…oh, and I sing a tad: “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine….” That’s all. Just that phrase.

The guy who plays my son is fairly easy on the eyes. I do not feel motherly towards him at all. He sings a lot in the play and has a nice voice..apparently he's easy on the ears, too. I must try be a very good actress and not let the audience get a hint of my racing pheromones.

We found a gray wig for me and I look like Vicki Lawrence dressed up as Momma.

Being the fantastic director that I am, I have to hold back re-directing the show. I have said, “Hey how about if we try this…” too many times, but can I be frank here? Most of my blocking sucks.

I asked the director a question about costuming and she replied, “Oh, I’m not a visual person.” What the??…directing is 99.99% visual. Sigh. No wonder my blocking sucks.

My next rehearsal is tomorrow night and this will be the very first time in four years that I have ever left my son with a (gasp) babysitter. My sister has always watched him on the rare occasion that I go out, and for him, it’s just playing with his cousins and hanging out with Auntie and Unc. It sure will be interesting to see how this plays out. The babysitter is a young 12 year old in my new neighborhood. My boy has joined her friends when playing outside, so he’ll know her, which is cool.

I have no idea how much to pay her. This is her first babysitting gig and her mom is kinda helping her, so it’ll be a joint effort. They have no idea what babysitters are making these days, so we’re all novices on this point. I do know I need to have ice cream in the freezer.


Mr. Althouse said...

Don't worry about not having anything to say, I never let it stop me from writing. Some of my best (IMHO) posts started something like: "I have no idea what I'm going to write about..."

I don't know nuthin' about plays, directing lines, casts, or wigs. I do know that.., never mind. Make that nothing, I don't know nothing 'bout nothing that has anything to do with theatre.

I know a little something about babysitting, but my info is very dated - I'll assume the pay scale has increased considerably. Ice cream is a given - chips and soda too. Twelve is a bit young to be worrying about the liquor cabinet, so that probably doesn't apply either.

So there you have it - I am absolutely no help at all! That's how important *I* am!



Mr. Althouse said...

btw: I see you changed the labels of your links - I am honored, as long as it's understood that it has nothing to do with a badge or oppression (ie. "The man is keepin' us down!").


Anonymous said...

So do you have to kiss any gay actors and how do you feel about that?


mckay said...

jef, i've never had a kiss w/ a gay actor. i wouldn't have a problem with kissing a lesbian actress would be off limits, so don't hold your breath for that bit of theatre.

mike, i bet you know how to be a fine audience member. clapping at all the right places and such like that. seriously, the audience plays quite a big part. their mood and responses can change the pace of the evening.

re: the link. when i come up w/ a better nickname for you i'll update it, but i do think you're quite a man, so for now, it says as is.

Jamie Dawn said...

Just ask the babysitter or her mom how much she charges per hour.

It is crunch time! Sounds like Miss Swimsuit better haul her fanny to the final practices!!

I look forward to seeing the photos. What a fun experience!!

ablondeblogger said...

Sounds so exciting!

Ellen said...

First off.... this is NOT a sucky blog. I've enjoyed your humor, and get a kick on how you view life. You are one sassy chick!

As for the actress in a bathing suit... what a primadonna. Not showing up for rehearsals is a slap in the face to the rest of the cast, and she's just too rude to notice that. I say: NO curtain calls for her!

And as far as babysitters go... it's been too long since I've needed one, but Jamie Dawn has the best advice on that subject. I've heard they are making more than minimum wage now... but don't quote me on that. I only remember what I used to charge back in the old days: 50 cents an hour. Sad to think of that now....