Tuesday, June 20, 2006

prayers and good thoughts are needed!

on a serious note...tomorrow morning i will be in court fighting my ex hubby who wants more visitation with our son. this man is a ped - o - phile (sorry...i don't want or need anyone googling that activity and landing here) and i do not want him to have any more time with him AT ALL. the courts and pyscho drs. have said that because he's only a threat to little girls, visitation and sleepovers with his son are okay.

don't get me started on all that. i've been fighting in courts for four years now. it's like a glacier. i can't stop it from advancing...

anyways, please say your prayers that my lawyer talks a good talk and convinces the judge to keep the existing order in place.




TheCleaningWoman said...

Yikes, McKay. The fact that he's considered a threat to any child should be more than enough. Prayers and thoughts indeed winging your way.

mckay said...

chicken wings? thanks!!

Ellen said...

When I read this I couldn't help but think our justice system would be proved very lame if they let any pedophile near any children.

Prayers from here, too!

mckay said...

ellen, Oh...believe me peds have a way of getting to children. moths to a flame. did you know that a senator is just now trying to pass a law that mandates that shopping mall santas must disclose if they are a ped. isn't that sick that that has never been a requirement in the past??!

i used to be so trusting. now i look twice at anyone who's chosen a profession that involves children. what's their motivation?

i now know my ex dated me more because i had a child than him being attracted to me. he also coached a t-ball league and loved being involved in Indian Princess.. on the surface it all seemed so good, but now that his true motives have been revealed, it makes me sick to my stomach.
oh well.

Ellen said...

Funny you should mention the trust factor. My nephew worked at a job where one of his co-workers, David, (single, loner, 40's) was a boy scout leader. David was teased behind his back by everyone because no one could understand why he would be involved with boy scouts when he didn't have any children.... until he was arrested by a sting operation soliciting sex with minors on-line.
What's really sad was that David was HIV+, and even knowing this, still continued his solicitations.

Yup, gotta wonder the motivation!

Anonymous said...

I'll pray he says somethign stupid to change the judges mind.


Mr. Althouse said...

Done. You have my complete and unwaivering support.


ablondeblogger said...

Oh how awful, McKay!!!! Are these people insane?!!! ANY pedophile is a threat to ANY child. This is disgusting. I am so, so sorry for you and your child and will be praying hard for you both.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Cancer is to doctors what divorce is to lawyers.

The cha-chings never stop.

Gary said...

Sorry you are having to go through all this. It doesn't seem fair.

Bar Bar A said...

Please let us know how it does. I stopped and prayed - sometimes prayer is retroactive.

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh... my.... gawwwwd!
I had no idea about your ex.
I can see why you are so upset about your son spending time with him.
The sick mindset that would attract him to young girls should be reason enough for a judge to see that the less time he spends influencing his son, the better.
I hope you are successful.

I am eager to hear about the play. How was opening night? Any photos to share? Did you steal the show?